Holistic Health with Yoga Program

One hour consultation in addition to phone intake interview for new clients; 4 one hour private yoga sessions via Zoom; Medical Astrology reading weaved into consultation to gain a deeper insight into the energetics of plant medicines as they relate to the body; Downloadable yoga program outline with practices; Includes everything in Holistic Health Consultation plus the yoga program


Yoga as a Holistic Practice

The holistic consultation with interwoven yoga classes over one month is designed to offer an elemental exploration of yoga as a holistic practice.  It is open for all experience levels— whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner seeking to fine tune or experiment with elementals as they pertain to yoga or a beginner interested in the benefits of a yoga practice.  After a holistic consultation we implement weekly yoga sessions in correspondence with the elements:

  • Week 1: Earth (rooting)
  • Week 2: Water (forward bending)
  • Week 3: Fire (back bending)
  • Week 4: Air and Ether (inversions, uniting all as one)

Meeting once a week allows the practitioner a chance to assimilate each element over time while reflecting on the more subtler influences of the teaching.  Asana is a Sanskrit word that means seat. When we practice certain asanas or yogic exercises, we are ultimately practicing our connection or seat on Mother Earth.  By plugging in we begin to work within the network of our unique cellular matrix made up of connective tissues and fascia.  The yoga classes relate with the holistic consultation in that every week we will cover specific herbs and nutrient dense foods that serve as adjunct therapies to the practice. In this way, we can explore how bodily systems and organs are influenced by the yoga exercises and plant medicines.

Flow within the Structure

Every Mādhava Unite yoga class will include these four elements—meditation, a breathing exercise, vinyasa or choreographed continuous movement, and final relaxation or shavasana.  The yoga classes encourage a sense of flow within the structured form by offering alternatives or modifications along the way that meet the practitioner where they are now.  After all, the yoga practice is an experiential life journey.  There is nowhere to go.  You are already there.

Let’s flow together.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Consultation Bookings- Full refund if cancelled one week prior to booking date, 50% non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of consultation, 100% non-refundable if cancelled day of booking.  Appointment can be rescheduled based on availability. 
  • Yoga Elementals Program- Full refund if cancelled one week prior to program start date, 50% non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of consultation, 100% non-refundable if cancelled day of first class booked.  Program bookings can be rescheduled based on availability. 

  • Yoga classes (Live) via Zoom- Full refund up to 48 hours before classCan be redeemed for a future class booking based on availability.

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