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The word ‘diet’ stems from the Latin origin ‘diaita’ meaning ‘Way of Life.’ Most people today would likely associate the term diet with the latest trend of dietary restrictions set forth by mainstream marketing campaigns (funded by billions of dollars) to combat chronic disease and loose weight.

A diet is more often than not viewed of as a way to solely feed the physical body without considering what it took for the food to reach the plate and how it effects not only the person’s physical body, but the planet as a whole. This is why we see an increased shift again towards the holy or holistic approach of living to prevent dis-ease so we can ultimately spend more time with the people we love on this beautiful planet we call home.

A holistic way of life is very yogic because it takes into account how every choice reverberates all beings on the most subtle level. It doesn’t single out food as merely a substance, but as a life force that nourishes us so we can be greater expressions of the kind of planet we wish to see and leave behind.

We heard phrases growing up such as “treat your neighbor as thyself” or “be careful what you wish for,” and yet somehow along the way we forgot that supporting for instance, an animal agricultural industry that tortures, rapes, and enslaves them, would have no effect whatsoever on our health. In return, the planet faces an epidemic of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, obesity, asthma, cancer, Alzheimer’s and dementia to name a few.

The plant-based ‘diaita’ is not a hippie or modernized idea even, but has really been in existence for centuries and seen across many religious sects. The Essenes are believed to have been responsible for what became known as Christianity and were avid vegetarians along with artists and scientists that range from Prince to Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein. Now, it’s worth a mention only because times as we know it do change and history (or herstory) is bound to repeat itself should we not learn from our past trials and tribulations.

Our ancestors set the stage for some ethical ways to co-exist in the world. Often you see the word ‘Manna’ in the Bible which was said to be a divine food from God for the Israelites in the desert. This word is similar to ‘Amrita’ in sacred Hindu texts that has immortal properties and resides in our very own pituitary gland when activated and purified. This activation can be a challenge on Earth today when the technological age is growing and the human body has become forced to adapt rapidly without the adequate nourishment from supplemental interventions.

Native Americans understood the healing power of adaptogenic wild foods like wild blueberries that grow strongest through burnt ash. They purposely burned rows upon rows of wild blueberry fields because the berries would prove most fruitful the following season.

These wild foods have been around for thousands upon thousands of years. Rose hips, red clover, nettle leaf, dandelion, and aloe vera all contain medicinal phytochemicals that heal the human body on a cellular level. They contain embedded information in their cellular structure that the human body can recognize, utilize, and use as a form of modern manna. As a biological entity the human body relies on these sacred geometric patterns that come to fruition from a seed through soil. Take a look the next time you cut into an apple and see a seeded star.

When a person cuts into the flesh of a deceased animal they don’t see the same star. Now, this isn’t a pry per se to turn you vegan or plant-based, but that instead invites you to question by looking again at the currently accepted paradigm. Often what they get is a rush of adrenaline from the animal’s fear of death that shot into their bloodstream moments before slaughter. It gets stored in the organs over time and manifests eventually as an illness.

And whether or not Jesus ate fish or became a fish or whatever the ancient often tweaked from the original sacred texts say to fit an agenda, Fukushima did happened. The fish that were once ate as a healthy food filled with essential fatty acids like omega 3’s etc, are now loaded with an abundance of toxic heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, and teflon. This can’t be denied.

Sometimes people will ask me so, “If you believe everything has a life force doesn’t then a tomato have feelings too?” I would say yes, it absolutely does. In fact, healers (and modern physicists who are now testing this phenomenon) throughout the world would tell you that when a person holds a plant in the palm of their hand it responds by synthesizing properties unique to that individual’s nourishment.

The concept is similar to how water molecules (check Masaru Emoto’s water experiment) respond to sound by harmonizing together to form either a unified geometric pattern or a scattered shape. Needless to say, tomato fields aren’t burning down the Amazon rain forests.

Doctor’s who once gave their patients iron pills for anemia came to realize over time that an iron deficiency may not have been the actual root cause. What they were finding were lower levels of other nutrients like vitamins B6 and B12, folate, copper, manganese, and zinc. The mineral depletion collectively masked the anemic condition along with malabsorption issues from toxic heavy metals and viral overloads.

Eggs at one point were even considered the ‘Perfect Complete Protein’ food only to show now how they feed viruses like no other food in the body like the Epstein Barr epidemic (check Medical Medium Anthony William who has helped millions of people find healing http://www.medicalmedium.com).

Fortunately, there remains a diaita thread continues to weave a way through all philosophies and religions. It crosses all borders unobstructed by threats and is resilient in the quest towards union. This way of life is rooted in love and compassion and begins as a seed within us all. How we nourish it with the choices we make does matter and effects us all. All we can do is our best.

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