Sea Vegetables and Radiation

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It’s important that we continue to share useful remedies for our modern times that aren’t so mainstream talked about and yet have been extensively researched and found useful for healing an array of disease. Take for instance sea vegetables and the highly potent compound sodium alginate found in them that binds with heavy metals and radioactive isotopes to excrete them safely out the body. Until this day, modern research and science has not found any other antidote that is as powerful as sea vegetables for eliminating these radioactive isotopes.

All things are poison and nothing is without poison; the dosage alone makes it so a the thing is not a poison.


In Episode 3 of the Mādhava Unite Podcast that was published on September 12, 2021, we discuss how we are facing an epidemic of radiation fallout and waste from nuclear power plant testing. Radiation in the form of cosmic rays and from terrestrial sources have always been apart of our natural environment. We see this with the uranium found in the earth’s minerals along with rubdium and thorium. There are also factors depending on the altitude at which you spend most of your time that effects how much of this natural radiation one is exposed to.

If one lives closer to the sea level you receive less radiation than say someone who lives in Denver, Colorado and according to John Gofman, american biological scientist,

“There exists no reason whatsoever to dismiss as negligible any radiation dose from man-made source simply on the grounds that the dose it delivers is lower than the dose from some combined source of natural radiation. Most natural sources of ionizing radiation exposure cannot be avoided by man… Adding doses of man-made radiation equal to the total received from natural sources is public health in reverse.” [schechter]

If you listen to Medical Medium, Anthony William or have read any of his books, the information he shares about sea vegetables has shown to assist healing millions of people from diagnosed ‘auto-immune’ diseases. Rarely are heavy metals even addressed as underlying causes of cancer, dementia, etc. One such recipe is the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie with Atlantic coast DULSE (Atlantic coast because of Fukushima and other nuclear weapons fallout disasters).

These are the times we live in where experimental nuclear weapons tests exist as does an abundance of unexplained syndromes. For example, back in the early 1950’s when the United States first began testing weapons at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) in southern Nevada, the people of Nevada and Utah with patriotism and pride cheered on the testing as an essential part to America’s national defense system. [schechter]

As the ground shook and radioactive debri swept over the land, these people with large families and deep spiritual roots in the red soil of Utah, barely questioned what was falling out over the land and soil because they believed they were true patriots. Besides, the Atomic Energy Commission (A.E.C) officials told them that they were “participants in the nation’s atomic test program,” and that the radioactive fallout released during the tests was well within safety levels. [schechter]

So why question it right? Especially if you just want to do good by your country and trust the officials know best. Well, soon after they came to find something was terribly wrong with first hundreds and then thousands of people who began falling ill and eventually dead. Radioactive fallout and debri had rained down upon the people of southwest Utah like pink snow. [schechter]

Fast forward to 2021 and we see a great many people joining together to face another pandemic, carrying out as best they can their patriotic duties with all the uncertainty and misinformation that surrounds us. It is crucial we explore from within us and listen to our innate intuition so that history doesn’t keep repeating itself. Perhaps we can then get to the root cause of not only bodily disruption, but systemic so we can evolve in a healthy way.

Enter the high mineral contents of sodium alginate and iodine to nourish our vital organs and body so that less of the modern radioactive isotopes can lodge themselves in different parts of the body and cause cancer. Paracelsus was onto something when he took into consideration how certain poisons are always among us. However, when does enough become enough so we can start looking at the bigger picture while taking into account all we have experienced thus far?

When will we stop putting a mask on our challenges?

Reference: Steven R. Schechter, N.P. H.H.P. Fighting Radiation and Chemical Pollutants with Foods, Herbs, and Vitamins

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