Health Freedom NOW! Rally 9-27-21

Former New York City employee, Joy Newball speaks about the importance of the Health Freedom NOW! movement

On Monday, September 27, 2021, people from all walks of life and occupation gathered in Foley Square Manhattan to rally against the recent vaccine mandates. Among some of the once highly esteemed and respected first responders during the breakout and height of the proposed pandemic were doctors, nurses, and teachers. 

Julie Maury speaks at the Foley Square Rally in Manhattan, photo credit Planet Waves

Julie Maury was a presenter at the Health Freedom NOW! Rally and spoke about how everyone she knows, with or without cerebral palsy, has had an adverse reaction to the injection. But they still have to take it in order to enter a restaurant and many other public accommodation in New York City: in order to eat.

Maury also mentioned how doctors are having their licenses threatened for advocating on behalf of their patients. 

Woman holding a sign that reads: This Aint No Pandemic

So, are we still living in a free country if the right to choose what one does with their body is threatened? And when does enough become enough regarding the conflicting misinformation that is currently in mainstream media? 

You can listen to Joy Newball’s response above about the importance of speaking up here and now about setting firm boundaries against vaccine mandates so there doesn’t become a chain reaction of injustice in the future.

The gathering of people in community against medical mandates is happening in larger numbers over the weeks and months as parents take their children out of schools and doctors loose their medical license for voicing their professional advice to hold off on getting vaccinated.

A Motion for Justice

Frankie Zing performing at Freedom Health NOW! Rally in Foley Sq. Manhattan

Sharrief Rawyal, a former marine, strategic analyst, has found ways to use the abilities and skills he acquired from his work to support and give solid solutions especially for the unions and people of New York. Rawyal used the analogy of a chess game about the recent unlawful vaccine mandates and stated at the rally, 

“How do you win in court? It’s almost like a chess game and in a chess game you have to make sure your opponent can’t make another move and that move is called a motion. In court they are called motions and once you get off of your square, you are finished. So your square is how you bottomline it and once you start talking about what I call Disney details or mickey mouse stuff, you will loose because it is fantasy stuff that they make up.” 

There were artists and musicians present speaking verse pertaining to our current state. One such lyrical artist was rapper Frankie Zing who spoke,

I ain't into conspiracies this just seems weird to me how we gonna shut the world down but the governments still collect a fee somethin' don't seem clear to me feels like this is all a dream except that I wake up cuz death and taxes don't put fear in me

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