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I moved to Woodstock, New York in July 2020 when it was challenging to not only find an affordable place to live, but one in general. City folks were fleeing upstate in droves from where their once exciting and diverse livelihoods were taken away in pretty much, a day. Families hauled up their children to a place where they were (and still are) willing to pay astronomical real estate prices for land that was a quarter of the price not too long ago. The consensus was we all needed more nature.

When I was living in New York City circa 2013, I frequently passed through the underground Bryant Park subway station. It had a theme about living with nature and what that actually meant.

“The unnatural, that too is natural.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There were quotes from famous German playwright, novelist, and scientist, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to Swiss psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, Carl Jung, “Nature must not win the game, but she cannot loose.” I always liked the way blades of grass and flowers sprouted out of concrete. Nature is resilient.

The one by Johann, “The unnatural, that too is natural,” folded over and over again in my mind. The unnatural that too is natural? How can the unnatural be natural? The unnatural is unnatural and the natural is natural, that is just what it is. What was he getting at I wondered as I climbed up from underground.

Photo taken at underground Bryant Park subway station, “Nature must not win the game, but she cannot loose.” — Carl Jung

Was von Goethe a yogi? The thought crossed my mind when I remembered the first sutra from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra Y.S 1.1 atha yoga-anuśasanam. Now this is Yoga as I have observed it in the natural world.

Since yoga means union, Johann von yogi was in essence indicating the very yogic principle that our preconceived distinctions are made primarily from our distorted perception that we are in some way not apart of the whole of existence.

Every action has a re-action and Johann understood these karmic principals when he shattered the notion of dichotomy we experience in mundane manifested form. We tend to differentiate as a way of understanding all that is here and now and where we stand. The unnatural, that too is natural. In other words, someone’s hands built the house you call home and in a factory somewhere downtown, peaches do still come from a can.

Take for instance, multi-billionaire pharmaceutical giants i.e. Pfizer and Moderna who formulate their so called immune boosting drug in a lab and sell them for emergency use. Sell for emergency use? That sounds like an oxymoron. Mayday, Mayday Firechief! I can’t hear you from the burning window trying to negotiate a price for my life. Please send up the ladder, or a raven! Either or will do. Hurry.

What’s in the recipe?

It’s Thanksgiving season and people are flipping through recipe books now for their favorite dishes to cook up and share. They are lining up at grocery stores and checking their lists twice to make sure they have all the required ingredients.

The Latin word “recipe” is a command form of the verb “recipere” which means “to take or receive” and so the word has a deeper dual meaning, which is an important element.

We have all heard the saying, “in the giving we receive.” Recipe is an example of how we tend to simplify meanings and situations into mundane lists of ingredients with measurable proportions. Doing so prevents a deeper connection and understanding to the essence of what is being evoked and why we do what we do. What is our intention and how are we implementing the ingredients into our culinary creations?

Interestingly enough, the symbol “Rx” was not only used in medieval times to signify a doctor saw a patient’s astrological birth chart, but the “R” was also historically an abbreviation for recipe as “prescription” in the medical sense. Many people today are checking off their ingredient lists at the grocery markets and not questioning the prescription ingredients sold at drug stores.

The secret ingredients

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was forced to admit recently in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that it does not have any records of an individual previously infected with COVID becoming reinfected and transmitting the virus to others. The agency also admitted they have not collected any data on natural immunity. In other words, their recipe book includes only one ingredient worth tasting or injecting and it comes from a lab.

President Joe Biden praises Big Bird for getting an injection

Who is to thank for this one jab fits all solution that has lost people their jobs and basic liberties? And why test all the ingredients on one dish, like a whole population of people under the assumption everyone will enjoy the way the first and only course will taste?

What is this one secret ingredient or shot that is supposed to protect us all? That is protect us until we need more of it six months later in order to enjoy life ‘normally’ again as a first class citizen.

The main stream media and Big Bird have been compromised. According to MintPress News, Bill and Melinda Gates gave $319 million dollars to fund media projects at organizations such as CNN, NBC, PBS, and The Atlantic. And yet, the recall on the spoiled Covid-19 injection shots that have made people ill are brushed aside as basic adverse side effects not to be taken seriously.

It reminds me of the 18th century doctors who gave their patients Mercury with the assumption it would cure them with everything from melancoly to syphilis. These medical advisors became known as Quacks for prescribing quicksilver, a presumed remedy until people started to loose their minds and die. These are some of the dangers when medical cures become conceptually simplistic without taking into consideration all the complexities of varying natures. You can check the latest reports of vaccine injuries and deaths on VAERS if you are interested in weighing the scales in terms of what mainstream media reports.

We Give and We Take

Fact of the matter is, some people chose to pick up and leave their homes when Covid happened and some did not. Some families have disposable incomes and could afford to leave and some could not. There are various walks of life and underlying conditions as to where people stand and why. Rightfully, so.

Author feeding the birds on the Hudson River in Edgewater, New Jersey 2018

When I was living in Fort Lee, NJ I would often feed the birds on the river. I was always amazed at how many people were afraid of them. Some people would duck and others (mostly children) would run right through their flocks for the mere excitement of watching them take flight, witnessing them suddenly soar.

Once a bystander asked me if I had planned on washing my hands afterwards because the birds were “so dirty.” Aren’t we dirty too, I reflected? Isn’t all the pollution and filth on their feet and wings from what we as a species fail to get rid of? Anyways, where does it all go? A landfill somewhere we hope is properly maintained. We can’t just keep putting a mask on everything as it unfolds.

“The unnatural, that too is natural.” What if we start taking every challenge as an opportunity, not just to point fingers or post memes, but to collectively evolve from a grassroots level? Like remembering, where the meals that brush our plate come from and the hands by which the recipes arrive.

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